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Reggie GonzalesThank you for visiting my website!! In case you had not already figured out, Reggie Gonzales Design® is an online small business —owned and operated by yours truly.

Reggie Gonzales Design® offers a unique Web Master sevice that not only encompasses full website support & maintenance, but also all things web design.

As a Web Master, I enjoy staying abreast of the latest web design trends and advances, and toning down that web experience in order to reach out to a broader audience of netizens across a wide range of devices.

Yes, ‘’ is a long URL name, but once you get to know me, it's actually really easy to remember. If you're in need of a Web Master with capable hands in coding & design, along with a willingness to work with your own design sensibilities, then we should talk!

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Not Immediately Available for Commissions.
Accepting Email Web Master Inquiries.
Requests handled in the order in which they are recieved —serious inquires please.



My design background stems from the knowledge and precious hands-on work experience I've gained through the years since graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Multimedia (Graphic Design) from Cal State Eastbay, formly known as Cal State Hayward. CSU Eastbay From general business collaterol, publications, and studio photography; I've worked in both a retail and corporate environment helping to produce engaging content for the masses.
work experience During the humble beginings of my online start-up, I've worn many hats as a Multimedia Designer working in both print & graphic design, video, photography, and even technical support. I ate, slept, and worked in multimedia design.

It did not take long for me to realize that my true passion was being able to help others express themeselves through my talent and knack for web design.



As your Web Master I happily oversee website security features, provide dedicated technical support, and just as impotantly maintain the overall functionality & creative direction of my client's website aesthetic, while at the same time appealing to my client's own personal taste.

Starting with working with my client's initial ideas, I do what I do best to help bring those ideas to light as a full-fledged website that is often more unique than my client's original vision.

My Web Master Services include the following:

Private Domain Registration operated and hosted by Reggie Gonzales Design.

Secure Email Contact Forms (surveys, registration, etc) with 256 bit encryption and anti-spam captcha-image safegaurds to help protect against spammers.

Secure Business Email with Secure Access for use with POP email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Eudora.

Comprehensive Website Support
Business Email Support, Email Contact Form Support, comprehensive Website Support, Web Design (routine web design updates, photo illustration, graphic design, logo, copy editing, web optimization, archive, and upkeep), Social Networking, R & D, and Technical Support as needed, per the terms outlined in my Web Mastery/ Web Hosting Contract Release Form.

Working as your Web Master affords me the opportunity to truly work as a multimedia designer —bringing life to what were once just ideas, images, or a group of words.

Contact me for availability and Web Master consultation!



Online Portfolio
From the initial to the near-final stages of web design, testing, and routine web maintenance; I have a number of website projects in various stages of development. Here you can sample some of my current online work.

Mora Family

Mora Family Dentistry
My awesome client's at Mora Family Dentistry not only needed a secure website that valued their patience’s privacy; Mora Family Dentistry also wanted to give emphasis to their genuinely honest & family-oriented approach towards patient care.

Visit their website at, it's "warm & family friendly" by design! divider

Sizemix Lab divider Previous Next divider Sizemix Lab Banners
When Sizemix Lab (which provides mobile automotive installation services) reached out to me, they were hitting a bit of road block as far as executing different banner ideas.

With some photo illustration and graphic design handy work, I spruced up their initial promotional company photos. Learn more about Sizemix Lab's services on yelp and their facebook fan page.

More Portfolio Work
Though I especially like to share live portfolio website work, here you can sample more of the breadth of graphic design work I have under my belt —further illustrating my work experience and knack for web design..

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